Google+ Hangout with Mark Schaefer

Yesterday I had the opportunity to try Google+ in a new way – using the “hangout” as an academic group discussion.

Over the past year and half I have had to balance being a full-time employee, freelancer, and graduate student all while planning a wedding.  Even though it seems overwhelming at times, I am so fortunate for the opportunities that come along the way.

I was invited by my Southern New Hampshire University professor, Dr. Jessica Rogers to join in a hangout with author of The Tao of Twitter, Mark W. Schaefer. A few classmates gathered together to probe the globally recognized blogger. It was a great experience and I was able to take away some useful information. In fact, I will be using some of the discussions as a basis for our weekly meeting to improve our higher-education social media strategies.

One of the most exciting aspects of the field I am currently in is I am able to learn the upward trends, the future of SM, and apply all to my working field. There is nothing more satisfying than to go to work with a new vision to help streamline and improve antiquated systems.  I have a profound appreciation for those who are in social media marketing since there is so much more to be learned.

Learning about SM marketing can certainly be read in a textbook, though guaranteed those textbooks will be out of date within a short period of time. We are finding new methods, strategies, and metrics to measure success — as time passes, so will all printed knowledge about the subject.

I have been so much more successful and creative this past year and it has been all because of my deeper knowledge of marketing. If I knew what I know now when I was in undergrad school, I would have invested more time in pursing addition core marketing courses at Lyndon State.


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