Will a Klout score land you a job or provide you acceptance into your top college?

As many have already heard, Klout has become a popular analytic service, which measures users’ influence across various social media platforms.

Among the many topics being covered in my graduate social media courses, the general model of Klout has peaked my curiosity and has lead me to the question, eventually will employers and college bound high-school students be judged on their online reputational score rather than SAT and GPA scores? Students who publish influential content and yield a higher online score, are they more valuable to an employer than someone with a 4.0 GPA?

Put away those fill-in the bubble tests and bring on a new systematic way of measuring knowledge.

Reputation capital, a newer buzzword for employers, embodies your personal brand, experiences, and quality/depth of content across social networks. One prediction from 2020 Workplace states, “Companies will increasingly source, recruit and promote new talent based upon their reputation capital. This means looking for employees who not only have wide, deep and high-quality social networks, but also demonstrate a track record of turning these networks into increased business value for the organization and stronger personal brand for themselves.”

So what does this mean?

As this trend is surely to continue and mature, how will Gen Z interact with employers? Will educators begin to instruct students how to prepare and generate meaningful and influential content for employment and college acceptance?


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