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My name is Stephanie Pinto and I have worked with various clients throughout the United States. Initially, I began as a freelance designer in Vermont that led me to the Boston area and beyond.  My passion, since I was a child, was dabbling with colors, creative art formation, and intricate designs– propelling me into the world of design expertise that encompasses logo designs, print ads, online broadcasts, and personal promotional material.

As an experienced designer, I strive to raise the bar and challenge the status quo with innovative ideas that appeal to top-notch agencies in the Boston and surrounding areas.  I have testimonies that attribute to my professionalism in the field of graphic art design that speaks volumes to the unique qualities of creativity that aspires to a widespread clientele.

As a Graphic Arts Manager, I aspire to creating diverse marketing strategies to meet the needs of clients that I interface with daily.  As an independent graphic designer, my objective is to use my knowledge and skills to independently design what is needed to meet the client’s requirement and vision.  As I have developed as a designer, I am passionate to provide high quality work, which delivers innovative results focusing on the priorities that are fundamental to driving a business forward.

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